I cannot play the audio file / see the audio plugin

For our audio files we use NPAPI plugins, so you may be prompted to enable these on first use or after your browser has been updated. If this happens, click the link provided and follow the instructions.


If you are using the Chrome browser or an iOS device then you may not be able to play these types of audio files on any website, as NPAPI plugins are no longer supported. We are working on updating our audio format so that they will be compatible with all browsers, but in the meantime we recommend that you use an alternative browser (such as Internet Explorer) to play the audio clips, or read the associated transcripts that we provide on all pages containing audio.


If you continue to experience problems playing audio files please contact



I cannot download a podcast to my device / The podcast stops playing part-way through

Podcasts can be downloaded on most browsers and devices using the 'Download' button on the podcast homepage. However, some devices such as iPads are not set up to allow files to be downloaded, and when you click the download button it may simply stream the file instead.


If you are streaming a podcast and it stops playing part-way through, perhaps jumping back to the beginning, this is probably because the internet connection temporarily dropped out. This issue is not specific to CPD Online; it is because of the device's standard setup. 


In order to download podcasts rather than stream them on such devices, you could try downloading a third-party app that will allow you to download and save the audio file either to Dropbox or internally in the app. Typing 'podcast reader' in the iOS App Store should return a list of available readers.



The audio is too quiet / There is no sound at all when I play the audio or video file

Ensure that your computer has audio and sound devices. You can check this in the Control panel of your computer.


Ensure that the volume is not on mute and is high. Check this by double-clicking on the audio icon in the bottom right of your screen.


Your computer may also need to be connected to external speakers or headphones for the volume to be audible, particularly in a noisy place.


With video, check that the volume is sufficiently high using the video controls. The volume control is on the right hand side of the video player, next to the Expand screen button.

Vimeo video controls

We also recommend you use headphones for optimal sound.


Ensure that your headphones are correctly connected to the headphones socket.


Reboot your computer if necessary. Failing that, if the volume of certain audio and video clips remains a problem, please let us know at or through the standard feedback form of the particular module or podcast.



The video does not play / There are problems with video performance

All our videos are hosted on an external server at Unfortunately sometimes this website may experience technical difficulties which impacts on the performance of our videos. If you have problems with the playing of the video we suggest you try again later. If you continue to experience problems however, please let us know.



The video keeps stopping and starting making it difficult to watch

This is because the videos are streamed, i.e. they download a little ahead of what you're actually watching. If your internet connection is relatively slow, then the video is not being downloaded fast enough for continual viewing.
It helps to allow it to buffer the video first. Pause the video right at the start, wait for a few minutes (make some reflective notes or a cup of tea!) and then try again.



I successfully completed the module test but I didn’t see or receive my certificate / Where is the Get Certificate button?

When you submit your score and achieve 100% in the final Module test, the next important step is to generate the certificate. To do this:


1. First, click on the Get Certificate button (on achieving 100%, this button appears below the test text) 



Then continue through the steps to complete the process:


2. Complete the information in the online form (time taken and explanation if different from the default, reflective note) and click on the Get certificate button.



3. Finally, click on the Get Certificate button and your certificate will appear in a new browser window from which you can save or print it.



An email with a link to your certificate will also be automatically sent to you. Please check your spam box if you do not find it in your inbox. This process of generating the certificate is vital for you to be able to access your certificates in future. You can find all your generated certificates in the Certificates area of My CPD Online. See also:




I get an error message when I try to generate my CPD module certificate

This is usually because there is no email address held on our system for your account. Please check your user details in the My CPD Online section and add an email address if necessary. Or, if your CPD Online log-in is the same as for the College Members' area, contact Membership to ask for your record to be updated.



I have lost my module certificate. What can I do?

You can reprint your certificate at the Check my progress / Certificates area of My CPD Online.



Will CPD Online run on any computer or device?

CPD Online is compatible with all devices and browsers, although if using Internet Explorer we recommend version 8 or above. Most of our learning modules also make use of interactive multimedia and your computer will therefore require sound and audio/video playing software such as windows media player. It will also require adobe reader to view pdfs. See also:




What is the optimum screen resolution for CPD Online?

CPD Online has been designed for an optimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768 which is currently the most widely used screen size. For best results, we suggest you work to this resolution.



I only see a blank area where an activity or graphic should be

Some CPD Online modules contain interactive activities or graphics which depend on the Flash player plug-in to view them. However, because Flash is not compatible with some devices (such as iPads), we also provide HTML5 versions and non-interactive versions of all Flash exercises (just click on the links below the empty plugin). If your device is compatible with Flash player, you can download it for free from the Adobe website.


To check whether your computer already has Flash player installed:


To download and install Flash player from the Adobe website:


More about required plug-ins for CPD Online



It takes too long to open a page

There are several reasons as to why this is happening:


  1. You have too many browser windows open and running. This slow down your computer considerably. Please close down all windows except for CPD Online and try again.

  2. Your internet speed is running slowly. If you are accessing the site from a wireless location, such as in a cafe or on the train, it may be that there are too many users online and/or the connection is slow. We suggest you try again from a different location and/or computer or at a less busy time.

  3. Some of our pages contain more downloadable objects than others perhaps a video or audio file. This combined with the above factors may also slow things down. Be patient. If the problem persists try again at another time and if possible from another computer. If it continues to be a problem, please email us at with details of the page you are trying to open (module name, section number and page number).



I click on a link but nothing seems to happen at all

If the link is to an external site (such as an abstract link in the References section of a module) the page should open in a new window. It may be that this window is hidden behind your current window. Look for any other windows open.


It could also be that you have your popup blocker switched on. Turn off your popup blocker and try again.



I click on a link but get an error message

It is possible that the link is broken, or the page you were being directed to is out of date or there is a technical problem with one of the tests. Please send us an email and we will fix the error:

  1. Please tell us the link location, i.e. the name of the module, the section number, page number and name of the link.

  2. It would help if you can take a screen shot of the error message you receive. To do this:

  3. Open the link so that the error message/error page is showing.

  4. Press PRINT SCREEN (or PRT SC) on your keyboard (usually on the top right-hand side). This will copy a view of your screen to the computer's clipboard.

  5. Paste this into a word document or directly into an email.

  6. Send the email to



When I download a pdf (such as the Take-home notes) I get an 'Open with' message

This suggests you do not have Adobe reader installed on your computer and will not therefore be able to read it.


To download Adobe Reader:


You will need to reboot your computer after installation.



Would it be possible for the certificates at the end of CPD modules to be generated as a PDF within the web-browser?

A PDF printing extension is available for most modern browsers. In Internet Explorer you would just choose “Adobe PDF” as your printer in the 'File > Print menu' and you will then have the option to save the certificate as a PDF. Additionally, there are free browser plugins for Firefox and Chrome which allow printing web page to pdf.


There is also small free installable pdf printer software (for example pdf995 that allows you to print anything to PDF.



To report an unresolved problem, please email us at

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